Bike Prep

Just a few simple preparations need to be done to
your bike to get it ready for the adventure.

Learning Curves Racing School Motorcycle Preparations:

Things to remove from the bike…

  • Mirrors
  • Side stand
  • Center stand
  • Turn signals(Unless your bike has the directional’s built in the body work, then they must be taped over.)
  • Lights and gauges must be taped over or removed.

Safety wire is the next thing to do…

  • The oil fill cap
  • Oil drain plug
  • Oil filter must be safety wired.(Spin-on oil filters are wrapped with a hose clamp then the clamp is safety wired.)

 ****Liquid cooled machines should have water only(or a race track approved coolant) in the cooling system. NO ETHYLENE GLYCOL(the green stuff).****

If you have a question regarding safety wire, call your local dealer. They will be able to help. The bike also must be free of any oil or coolant leaks. It’s also a good idea to have your bike nice and clean for the technical inspection portion of the day.
Please remove license plates & make sure the brake light is disconnected.