Clinic Day Overview

 Learning Curves Track Certification Clinic

 The day begins with the students assembling early (7:00 am) per P/A announcements for a narrated “Track Walk.” During the walk, instructors cover track etiquette, race lines, run off areas and other peculiarities of each individual facility and for racing for the first time.

A two hour classroom session covers race procedures and safety flagging. Race bike preparation and set-up, as well as the proper use of safety equipment will also be explained.

Next, two on-bike practice sessions help the new rider get the feel of the track as you play follow the leader with the instructors, each student taking his or her turn at the helm. Following each practice session the instructors critique students on their performance and offer suggestions about style, lines, and safety.

The second class room session begins, during which we talk about what has been learned so far and we answer any questions. During this session there is a written test on the safety, flagging and race procedures.

The Track Certification Clinic day winds up with a “exhibition race” with riders taking a warm up lap and returning to their assigned grid positions for the race. Track officials go through the motions of a real race with everything from various flags being displayed to running an ambulance on the track. Anything can happen, this is your final exam! (Learning Curves also provides a full staff of corner workers for safety.)

 With the whole day of racing and classroom under your belt the riding that you do, should seem a little different… you’ll have a better idea of what you and your bike can do. A real good feeling when your presented with a dangerous situation, you KNOW how far you can push the bike to get out of it safely!

All This for $200.00  The price includes a 2016 CCS race license for a full day of instruction at the LCR School.

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